Thursday, June 28, 2012

lets talk about running

This commercial aired while we were watching the Diamond League and the tune was catchy enough to make both of us look up and pay attention. And unlike most commercials, I liked it enough to watch it when it came on again later. An ad showing a strong, happy and healthy runner? I like that.

I truly enjoy running. That doesn't mean I bounce, bright eyed, out of bed every morning. I hate the alarm just as much as anyone, but I've never regretted a run. Even the ones that hurt and don't go as planned. Even when I've sprained my ankle and had to limp home. I never do speed work and I don't love hills, but I do love that my legs are strong enough to get me to the top every. single. time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

watching other people run

We watch track and field like other people watch baseball. This means we're glued to the TV now that the Olympic trials have started and our DVR is working double time. It's like our playoffs. Snacks and beer included. I can't wait for the Olympics.

Bernard Lagat making his move to the front as they approach the final lap of the 1500m.  NYC Diamond League 2012.

Monday, June 25, 2012

martha's vineyard - sunday, the last day

Breakfast, the meal of champions.  And chaos.  And amazing strawberry scones made by Sara.

Post breakfast goodbyes to the GP crew.

Some peace and quiet on the hammock.

(Moments later, surrounded by kids.)

One last trip to the beach.  Because no vacation is complete unless you're still sandy when you leave.

Before packing (and cleaning) up our cabin and heading home.

See you next time MV.  Thank you Ben & Betsy!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

martha's vineyard - saturday

There was more art.

And more beach.

And a morning trip to the farmer's market resulting in some pretty fine blueberry mojitos.  Not pictured, the two small bunches of radishes I purchased, which totally threw off the farmer's carefully designed display and earned me a look.  Also not pictured, the appetizers (shrimp, radishes, beets) and dinner (short ribs!).  Because we swarmed the table immediately and ate as if we'd never been fed before.

Friday, June 22, 2012

martha's vineyard - friday afternoon and evening

The new arrivals needed to be shown the swings.

And Lucy Vincent.

Meanwhile, back at the house, cocktail hour approached.  Which obviously means, time for a dark and stormy courtesy of Naomi.

And some creativity on the screened porch where Betsy demonstrated layering watercolor over crayon drawings. The painting was pretty much unstoppable after that.

Then it was time to relax on the hammock.  Where I attempted and failed, to get all seven kids in the same shot.  Someone is always missing. The one and only 7 kid shot I got, on my iPhone of course.

A quick stop back at our cabins and onward to the barn for dinner.

Sparklers, a ferry run to Oak Bluffs to pick up Rire (with Betsy, Sara and bonus hitch hiker!) and the evening finale... An incredibly important, can not be skipped, stop at Back Door Donuts for apple fritters.  I would have taken a photo, if I hadn't been so busy shoving pieces of the delicious and hot-from-the-fryer fritter straight into my mouth.  I have my priorities and the donut was solidly at the top.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

martha's vineyard - friday morning

Waking up early, to chirping birds and the sunrise.

Breakfast in the main house with everyone. Contrary to what the pictures show, we didn't start our morning with anything stronger than espresso (speaking of espresso, smart call Sara and Amador). And cap guns at the breakfast table?  Makes complete sense when in the country.

Then it was on to the town hall for the highly sought after Lucy Vincent Beach Pass and a few farm stands.  Glamorous sunglasses and headscarf required, we were in a convertible after all.

And back at the rumpus room...