Thursday, July 19, 2012

and your little dog too

My morning run.

Oblivious dog walker + 300 foot long leash + exuberant dog = me getting jumped on.  I was...  Displeased.  I swore loudly and steamed about it for a mile or two.  I like dogs, this was not Kujo - it was friendly.  But I can't stand and will never understand why you would ever walk your dog in a way that would allow it to jump on a complete stranger.  Short of scaling the wall, I was as far away from it as the sidewalk would allow.  I'm happy to share the sidewalk, but reel in the leash OK?  It's not the dog park.

(It looks like the dog is doing something inappropriate, but that's just my poor drawing skills.)


  1. I am very sorry that happened to you . . I am sure you were very pissed.
    BUT, you should know that this a funny drawing.
    I laughed out loud.
    Not LOL but the real kind where your gasp for air a little and feel a snort coming on :)

    1. Well that's an upside - I made you laugh!