Friday, July 13, 2012

boilermaker recap

Apparently they've been color coordinating their outfits for the Expo from the get go.  Who knew?

2009 and 2012

In 2008 I was home visiting family and mentioned to my uncle I had started running again.  He suggested running the Boilermaker 15K in July.  And so I did.  I smiled the whole damn time too.  It's a race I've always known of but never, ever, thought I would run.  A year later Amy and Rire joined me (and I had started my qualifying runs for the 2010 NYC Marathon).  And now, Eli has two Boilermaker 5Ks under his belt and the 15K on the horizon. 

Rire and I dropped down to the 5K this year (injuries, life - so many excuses!), but we were able to run with two of our favorite people and it's become the best family tradition.  How often do you at 35, still have your parents watching, cheering and making you handmade signs?

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