Sunday, July 1, 2012

moving day

June has been the month of moves.  None if it has helped clarify where I want to be - in the city or out.  For now, I'll live vicariously through my friends.

Friday I helped (and by help I mean play with the kids, not lift any furniture) C & J while they made their move into a brownstone.

It was insanely hot (moving can never be easy can it?) so we only lasted about an hour at the park before giving up on the heat and heading back to the AC'd sanctuary that was my apartment. Where she steamrolls her brother...

Once the movers had the majority of the furniture in, we headed to the new place.  Depositing the baby in a reasonably out of the way, but supervised location.

There's so much to be done (isn't that always the case in a move?), but you can't deny the charm of a Brooklyn brownstone. Even one that's been painted by the Easter Bunny...


  1. OMG- why was it so hot that day???
    I feel like I am still sweating from it..

    Oh, and yes- we have not yet unpacked all the boxes and it still looks like
    an Easter house.

  2. So, so very hot that day! Don't fret over the boxes, that happens to all of us!