Tuesday, July 24, 2012

running zen

Much like when I forget my Garmin, if a run is not recorded or discussed, did it even happen?  A good friend of mine is out of town, which leaves me with no one to rehash my runs with.  Mentioning it here will have to do.

Sunday's run is notable not for my speed (I was slow) or the distance (7 miles - which is currently qualifying as a long run) but because I achieved the elusive zen state were it feels effortless.  This hasn't happened since the Brooklyn Half.  My runs have all been perfectly fine.  I've gone out, run the miles and it's all been very satisfying.  But the good run, when miles are melting away and you look around with awe because you don't even remember getting to that point - that is what Sunday's run was like.

I ran the outer perimeter of Prospect, along the sidewalk.  For all of the hundreds and hundreds of miles I've logged in that park, I have no idea why this didn't occur to my earlier.  It was downright peaceful.  No crowds or distractions.  Just enough people passing by to keep things interesting without anyone actually being in the way.  I need to remind myself to keep trying new routes, it can make a world of difference.

(The humidity finally easing up may also have played a small roll in this...)

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