Tuesday, September 4, 2012

labor day weekend - saturday

We both had Friday off, which made for one of the best drives we've had in ages.  We stopped in New Hartford so I could spend to my hearts desire at Joann Fabrics and he could shop for a new bike at Schuss and Dick Sonnes.  I scored at Joann's.  It takes time to paw through the bolts and bolts (and bolts...) of themed fabric, but patience pays off.  Decent stuff for $3/yard.  Now I must sew.

Saturday morning.  Coffee in pajamas, outside.  Because we can.

These two need to slow it down.  The growing up is out of hand.

He's as sweet and polite as can be.  She is fond of the word NO and her "brudder".

And then there was fishing.

Once properly caffeinated, we set off for Mt. Hope Reservoir.  This kid is mad about fishing and has no shortage of people to take him, but it was high time his aunt and uncle stepped up.  Eli even taught us a thing or two, showing R how to cast.

It's really quite pretty.

Saturday night (after R bought his bike and we killed some time at the never ever changing Sangertown Mall) we headed to my parents.  Where I channeled my inner Katniss and perfected my archery skills.  I'm not half bad, if only my parents had forced me to practice as a child...  I could have been an Olympian!

On the way back to Amy's we stopped at Walmart to sell small bits of our souls to the devil in exchange for things like deodorant and laundry soap at prices that do not make us weep.  I always feel guilty shopping there, but is Duane Reade really any better?


  1. can't believe the summer's coming to an end . . . on to the cooler months and then the inevitable winter (which means sledding and ice skating - yay!)