Monday, September 17, 2012

so, sewing

People sew in my family.  My Grandma was a quilter and my mom made us clothing.  Bravely letting Amy and I pick any fabric we wanted at Joann's for our stirrup pants and jams.  I can only hope I'm as open minded someday.  The 80's were not kind to apparel fabric.

I came to sewing late, but I have not been deterred.  First up.  The internet famous Wiksten Tank for myself and the Emerson Tunic Dress for Amelia.  At this stage in the game it's safe to say I do more things wrong than right.  Like running out of scotch tape and switching to a decorative blue.

And using every trick in the box to try and center the pleat.

Box pleat!  I have no idea what the proper way to go about this was.  But the pins helped me.

(Fabric from my Grandma's legendary stash.)

I may have sewn the entire thing only to decide it wasn't quite right.  I may have ripped out every stitch and started over.  And because I can't leave well enough alone.  Let's appliqué a bird on it.

The Wiksten came together beautifully - curved hem, French Seams and all.  French seams!

Pictures of the actual finished pieces coming up next...

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  1. Its in your DNA . . its only the beginning of what you can do!!!!