Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We are fine, completely 100% fine. Our power stayed on. The car, parked on the street, was fine and our cable/internet held till around 9:30.  A small miracle since it normally drops if someone sneezes next door. Even our windows were open for the majority of the day. We were lucky. The photo I posted the other day, of my bag sitting on a bench?  That Dumbo bench was underwater last night. My office building suffered some flooding from the horribly toxic Gowanus Canal, but our space, on the second floor had no damage. I normally walk to work and will do so tomorrow, not sure when the subways will be fully operational. The marathon is this weekend, a very small problem compared to the devastation that effects NJ and the 5 boroughs, but I can't help but feel for those coming (or trying to come) to NYC right now.

We stayed in yesterday, Rire trying to work from home as one by one his coworkers dropped out as their power went. I started sewing assuming the power would go at any minute. Just hoping it wouldn't be mid seam. I roasted a chicken, still assuming the power would go and our last meal should be a good one.

I had no sewing plan, but the longer the power stayed on, the more focused I became on finishing this in one go. The Oliver + S Ice Cream Blouse. I used bits and pieces leftover from other things. It looks like an unintentional homage to my alma mater, which incidentally canceled classes for today for weather related reasons for the first time since I was a student there in 1998. And considering the pummeling Syracuse gets from snow, that's saying a lot.

The front. With stubborn wrinkle that wouldn't iron out. And polka dot lining

The back. With button loop. I like this pattern and think the dress version will need to be made. My intention is to set what I've been making lately aside for Christmas. But I think I need a mini fit model...

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