Monday, May 21, 2012

the first year

No one tells you how to cut the cake, so you just sort of awkwardly go at it, knife in hand.

We're laughing at something, most likely the pros and cons of cake face smashing.  In the end we kept it civilized.

Our cake, a perfect, delicious cake, wasn't an official wedding cake. A few weeks before the wedding I went to Baked and bought an assortment of cupcakes, brought 'em home and sample we did.  Best taste test ever.  Even better, on our anniversary we get to indulge all over again.

Happy anniversary to us.


  1. As soon as I saw these I started to cry . . it was such an amazing day! I can't think of another wedding between two people more in love! Not only was it beautiful but it was thoughtful and so completely represented the two of you :) I am very happy for the two of you . . HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. It was the best day! And we have our family to thank for that :)