Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great GoogaMooga

The internet buzz seems to say it was a bust. I however, completely enjoyed myself.  We skipped Saturday.  After running the Brooklyn Half, we opted for an afternoon at the beach and headed to Fort Tilden to unwind.

So Sunday was Googa day.  We headed to Prospect around 12:30 and the lack of signage does deserve to be called out.  Not a single arrow pointing GO THIS WAY.  I've logged hundreds of miles in that park and even I couldn't tell by their map where exactly the entrance point was.  Not that it really mattered, you just followed the swarms funneling to Nethermead.  Once inside we grabbed pulled pork sandwiches at Num Pang (so good) and found shade under a tree to set up blankets.  It was that easy.  Joined by a friend and her kids, we took turns venturing out for more food and drinks.  Sure, there were lines, but nothing seemed all that unreasonable.  Food, music, shade - we loved it.

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