Wednesday, June 6, 2012

blurb + instagram

There's an app for that.  There's an app for EVERYTHING. Blurb + Instagram

I've made Blurb books before, but I really like how easy this was.  I went quick, easy and basic to just try it out.  I'll make another at some point and put a little more effort in.  But for now, this worked and I couldn't be happier. The glossy white paper cover isn't my favorite, I'll try something different next time - but the matte interior paper is exactly what I like.

The photos load in chronological order (though you can easily edit to add/remove/reshuffle), which I love.  

On the left, my marathon bib. On the right,  Rire & I just off the bus on Staten Island marathon morning.  

It's a highlight reel, in book form.  I'll be making more.


  1. Nice work! And Blurb is great for us.

  2. Do all your friends on flickr know about this blog?

    1. Yes, I came clean to Betsy, Sara and Naomi :)