Monday, June 4, 2012

a brooklyn wedding

R.I.C.E. works.  I can attest to that. 

I sprained my ankle on Friday. There are photos, I will not be posting any, at least I don't think so.  I'm oddly charmed by them, if only because I can see improvement.  The swelling is giving way and you can almost make out an ankle bone! There is no fun story, I simply stepped wrong while running in Prospect (on a flat surface no less) and the pain was immediate and intense. I ended up sitting on a pile of wood chips while I waited for the dizziness to stop - I had a mile and a half walk home to gear up for. I've sprained both ankles more times than I can count, though this one takes the cake as far as pain goes. I know there's nothing to be done but wait it out, so wait I do.

All of that being said, we went to a wedding on Saturday and I refused to give up on wearing heels, it was a party after all. So I spent most of the day sitting.  And wore my flip flops there. But none of that mattered - it was a perfect day, the bride was glowing and the guests were gorgeous. Everyone was smiling and laughing. No matter where you turned, you were guaranteed a beautiful picture. It was also the first wedding Rire and I attended as a married couple and I loved it.  There was something so sentimental about watching vows being exchanged when we did the same only a year ago.

Congratulations to L & T, the beautiful and happy couple! 

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