Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a little more from hudson, ny

(We spent the weekend in Sleepy Hollow - driving around looking at houses and drooling over the 60 miles of trails looping the Rockefeller Estate - surprisingly I took no photos.  So let's revisit Hudson shall we?)

Bangles for the ladies, handkerchiefs for the men.

Hilltop ceremony.  Traditional clothing for Rire and I.

(Speaking of, I made my dress.  Actually I refashioned one already in my closet from a previous trip to Nigeria.  Seamstress I am not, but if all errors and wayward threads are on the inside and no seams ripped I consider it a success.  I even managed a hand sewn hidden zipper which is pretty close to a miracle.  Also, tiny little photos hide a multitude of sewing sins.)
Shade was at a premium so creating your own was a smart move.  The bride and groom were gorgeous.  As was the entire farm and surrounding land we camped on.

On to the reception for live music, food, drinks & lawn games.

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