Friday, August 3, 2012

must keep learning, blographer 2012

What a day!  I have deep rooted loyalty to Adorama.  Both my D70 and D300 were purchased there (I spent a few years working on the same block as their store, this resulted in many expensive lunch breaks...).  So when the email popped up about this event I was intrigued and even more so when I saw Rachel Devine - AKA Sesame Ellis - would be speaking. I wasn't familiar with the other speakers, but it all looked promising and it did not disappoint. Great advice and strategies, personal stories and a lot of food for thought regarding the battle over whether to watermark or not.

Erin, Vivienne and Amanda even offered up a little more time and joined a few of us on a walk to the Highline after the event.  Fielding more questions in between band-aid applications (new shoes and long NYC blocks are not friends).

So now it's time to make some plans and set some goals!

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