Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2016 olympics

Surely they are future Olympians.  You can't argue with this kind of form.

The incredible height at take off.

The landing, clearly a perfect 10.

Waiting anxiously for their scores from the judges...

Celebrating the gold!

Yes.  Yes, we have been enjoying the Olympics.  The real events have started.  Track and field!  Sorry swimming and gymnastics.  I like you, but I do not love you.  So we no longer sleep.  We just watch hours upon hours of recorded footage.  If only we cold mute NBC's ridiculous commentary...


  1. She claims she will grow to be an olympic diver and swimmer (a first :)
    He plans to be running distances in the olympics :)
    Of course, he won't say which distance ;)

    1. They have the full support of Aunt Jessie and Uncle Rire! Rire has already started planning E's coaching for the next Boilermaker :)

  2. E will love that :)