Monday, August 13, 2012

lost weekends

Long Beach, Sag Harbor.  I shouldn't even be talking about it.  People will go and our secret will be ruined.  We'll go again this weekend, if life stuff doesn't intervene in the meantime.  Mr. Softee drives buy and I might as well be a kid.  First in line I am.

Lots going on, nothing I plan to write about at this point though.

What I will mention... Walking through Hell's Kitchen with Rire on Saturday morning, just to catch Eli for an hour before he boarded a bus back home.  He was doubled over laughing retelling his cruise ship stories.  11 is a really really great age.  A middle of the afternoon movie.  There's always something oddly good about walking out of a heater into blazing sunlight.  The Olympics.  Meb, Bernard, Galen & Mo!  I miss track and field already.

I can't run at the moment and I'm antsy.  I like being in motion.

I'm cooking endlessly.  Shrimp scampi with sliced zucchini and yellow squash.  Pumpkin muffins (seasonal cooking is overrated).  Quinoa cakes in pitas with tahini dressing.  A roast chicken.  Rice and beans.

But, enough is enough.  It'll be Trader Joe's pizza tonight.

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