Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I walk to work, but most days a Vespa looks way more appealing.

Pumpkin muffins were in the oven by 6AM and spilled all over the oven bottom by 6:17 when I tried taking them out. Of course this happened. Things only go wrong when you plan to give bake goods to someone else. Let me tell you, a piping hot mini muffin looks pretty pitiful slumped on the oven bottom, slowly scorching a burn mark into it's side.

I haven't made lasagna in years because lasagna means glorious ricotta and mozzarella to me. Lots of it. Rire doesn't do dairy, so there's that. I caved and finally made a vegetarian version last night, My Green Diet's version.  I added spinach, parsley and basil. It was good. Really good.  But I still miss the cheese. I compensated with too many slices of buttered French bread.

I need to take the collar off the Ayashe blouse one last time and just cut new fabric. I will fix this.

Up until today, the weather has been good. The kind of good that tricks you into thinking long marathon training runs are perfectly reasonable. Not that I'm running a fall marathon, but it's makes me nostalgic.  I won't be doing another for a while, but I think Portland OR would be a nice welcome back when I do.

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