Saturday, September 29, 2012

sewing above my skill level

I'm happy to say it can be done. I can follow a pattern and end up with a wearable thing, as long as I have the patience to remove stitches over and over again AND OVER again. It's embarrassing. Anyway, as long as Amelia's head can fit through the opening, success!

The collar tried to break me. The nice inside yoke did not trip me up at all, but the collar became my nemesis. See, that's just ugly. I can't topstitch, that's obvious. But even if you ignore that, it's all wonky.

At this point my stitch remover grew red hot from use and I eventually had to walk away.

I picked it back up on Friday, finally relenting and cutting new fabric entirely. And why not go contrasting for the inside? Nothing to lose at this point (maybe my sanity?). It's still not perfect, but it is so much better and I am more than OK with that.

The Figgy Ayashe Blouse, complete!

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