Sunday, September 30, 2012

the wiksten tova top

Coasting on my Ayashe sewing high, I cut the Tova fabric on Friday and had it sewn by Saturday evening. I didn't even have to take out any seams! Which is good, this fabric is on the lighter side and wouldn't have withstood that kind of abuse. In general I'm still learning the ins and outs of proper sewing, but even given that, this was quick and straight forward. Very, very happy.  

Placket, inset and collar all sewn properly! No alterations (not that I would know how to anyway), the small fit perfectly. I did forego the temporary gathering stitches on the sleeves, ample pinning worked fine. But on a sturdier fabric it would be worth the extra time. I don't have a serger and this fabric was quick to fray, so I finished all the edges with a zigzag, I'm hoping that does the trick.  Now to pick the fabric for version 2...


  1. Wow, you made this!!! It's wonderful! Cute model....