Thursday, October 18, 2012

big love sewing

Switching gears and back to sewing something for myself.  While watching Big Love. They go surprisingly well together. I'm on season 1. Only 6 years late.

So, the Wiksten tank. This was the first pattern I tackled after taking my brand new sewing machine out of the box. 2 pieces (plus binding) and beautiful French Seams that have forever ruined me because pinked or zig zagged edges now look messy. I raised the neckline slightly for this one, I don't like wearing tank tops under tank tops and the first two flash more bra than I generally like to show anyone that's not my husband.

It's current state is hemmed with a finished neckline. This capped sleeve version has been on my mind since the first time I Google image searched the tank top and I love I'm going to roll the dice and attempt sleeves without a pattern. This could go either way. It's also why I yanked the bolt off the rack and clutched it tightly at P&S Fabrics last weekend.  Plaid!

On a side note, I talked Rire into going to a Relaxation & Meditation yoga class last night. We walked in and someone was already standing on their head. What I had I gotten us into? The instructor glided (seriously, he didn't walk, he glided) over to us and asked in a whisper chant if he had been before? 
But you have yoga experience? 
Just watch closely, only one part moves swiftly, watch me and others around you.
OK.  (Copy off the people next to me? Done.)

It was all going fine, but every time he reminded us to have "no thoughts" I realized my teeth were clenched and I had so many thoughts ping ponging around I didn't know which one to clear first. I don't think that is how it is supposed to work... 

After all that wholesome yoga we got takeout and poured ourselves some wine - to clear our heads.

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