Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Amelia is now under the impression I make all of her clothes. While this is widely inaccurate, I hope no one corrects her. Friday I finished the Oliver + S Sailboat Top with fabric from my Gramma's stash. This top was my first time making button holes. Not perfect, but not terrible. Attaching the inside hem piece stumped me for ages. I read, reread, read again. And then finally it makes perfect sense and you feel mighty dumb. The arms seem long and wide at the wrists, so I rolled them for the photo. This is when it would be handy to have the niece living locally, so I could figure out if things fit or not.

This I finished awhile ago, intending to add sleeves. Which I did. But they restricted movement so off they came. I'll make adjustments and try sleeves again another time. It was also crammed in my dresser drawer, excuse the wrinkles. This top sews up so beautifully.

To briefly recap the weekend... Friday morning at Local 61 with Renee. Brainstorming and taking a few photos for an upcoming project. Very excited. Saturday Rire and I headed to Dumbo, lunch at Superfine and then walking around the waterfront. And the photo I have to show for it?  My bag on a bench. I also managed to sew a second Tova, photos coming.

This morning uptown, celebrating Charlotte's 4th birthday. Now home, wondering if Sandy will pack the punch the news promising.

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